Ikea X D Double E: A Grimey Christmas

November 8, 2019

Ikea pulls on the unmistakable sound of D Double E for their first UK Christmas advert. 


For many mainstream consumer brands in the UK, Christmas is their Superbowl. A time of significant investment and relentless competition against other leading brands in their industry. This year Ikea opted for a UK advert harnessing the current sound of the UK’s dominant consumer hegemony, millennials. The oldest of which are now in their late thirties and some who have grown up listening to grime and are now adults with significant disposable income and homes of their own.



This campaign highlights the adjustment in how brands are segmenting and prioritising consumer audiences, the buyer is changing and new ways of engaging them must be employed. It also demonstrates the universal appeal of grime music and it’s commercial viability as a vehicle for mainstream brands to appear relatable and relevant.  




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