Strange Leaves by Al Mefer

October 17, 2018

Documenting Venomous Forests - There’s just something different about the leaves from Alicante. 



Eery and atmospheric, this photo series features a variety of leaves washed in abstract light. Photographed in Alicante, Spain Mefer turns ordinary leaves into enticing subjects using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Each photo uses the darkness present in the image to enhance the colours. Violet, orange, indigo and red all appear alongside deep hues of green. The clever use of light and shade convey a sense of tension creating more than a static photo, but an image that feels like a still of an active scene.


Al Mefer included this poem alongside the images.

I was entering a void of no-nature
Of forests deserted by live creatures
Which inspired the sermon of no preacher
In this wasteland of ghosts a portraiture

When I encountered these monsters
Among lakes of firey mist
Some blood emerged from my wrists
And made of my cries a loud concert

I'd been doomed by the kiss
Of the children of the inert
Which with beauty threat no danger
'Til one can't fight any longer


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