‘Put You On’ - Amber Mark Music Video

October 18, 2018

‘Put You On’ by Amber Mark is the ultimate glo-up anthem. We all deserve that golden opportunity to bump into an ex 'person of interest' post-glo-up. Amber Mark gives us an anthem for this exact scenario, should it ever occur.



Glo-up (Noun): A twist of the phrase "grow up", referring to a person's incredible transformation. This is usually based on an increase of style and self-confidence.

- Urban Dictionary


"Been a while since I been back round
And you're all on my mind, showing love
So meet me at 1:13
Shit, you might not recognize me
Dripping in these diamonds
And wrapped all in this Gucci"



My Spotify saved list is crammed full of Amber Mark, remixes and all. She makes infectious, soulful, meaningful music brimming with emotion. Combining house, dance, samba and R&B, Amber delivers an unmistakable sound unique to her blended cultural experiences and upbringing. Raised by her Mother who was a Thangka painter (which is a form of Tibetan Buddhist art), Amber travelled the world as a child and pulls her experiences into her music. Most notably channelling the grief of losing her mother into her EP 3:33am released last year. Raw emotion is present throughout Amber's sound but so is her storytelling ability. Amber brings you into her world and shows you around, she creates the kind of music that makes you feel as though you know her, as a person, really well.



Watch 'Put You On' by Amber Mark

‘Put You On’ tells the relatable and delightful story of someone who's lost contact with a person they used to have a crush on. In the time that they've been away, they've glo'd-up and are back in town ready to explore the potential love interest. The 90's R&B influence combined with retro imagery in the video is everything we've needed. For a video centred around the glo-up concept, Amber didn't disappoint on the fashion front. She is featured in several enviable looks referencing 90's supermodels and up to the minute fashion trends such as latex and metallics. Video aside, the song itself is the kind of sound that automatically puts you in a great mood - I've had it on repeat.





Some of my favourite stills from the music video... the vibes😍







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