5 minutes with Belinda Sage of One Represents Agency

May 9, 2018

One Represents is the London based creative agency representing the cities finest from the realms of Photography, Creative consultation, Art Direction, Styling, Set Design, Make-up, Hair and Nail art. With a specialist focus on the ever-evolving worlds of Fashion and Interiors. As you can imagine, there is never a dull moment in the world of Belinda Sage who is the agency director. We had a chat with her.​




SB: How would you describe the agency's approach? 


Belinda: Collectively, our roster and agency provide a wealth of industry knowledge and creative talent while being approachable and friendly.


SB: The agency exists at the cross section of Fashion and Interiors, tell us what these two sectors have in common and how they differ?


Belinda: I think they compliment each other & are influenced by each other. Many high-end fashion brands have branched out into interiors. In the same way, interiors designers often look to fashion for inspiration. I would say that fashion moves faster and the trends are more fleeting than the trends we see in interiors, but they both require great imagery and that's where we come in.


SB: So, with your understanding of both Fashion and interiors, how does this influence who you invite to join the one Represents roster? 


Belinda: We take a very considered approach when it comes to who joins the roster as we want there to be a point of difference between our artists. We look for talent, personality, a good work ethic as well as an impeccable reputation! 


SB: What are three creative trends you see dominating the fashion and interior sectors in the next year. 


Belinda: I have absolutely no idea but I hope they are fun but sustainable.




Find out more about One Represents here.




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