Greenwich Peninsula's Design District - London's new home for Creatives

October 3, 2017



Offering 'affordable’ space for London's creative community,  this new development by the Thames is part of the monster Greenwich Peninsula development set to house over 15,000. The design district will be a region dedicated purely to offer workspace for a variety of creatives who require workshops, studios and offices. Rents will start at £10 per square foot, with the average expected to be £25 per square foot. 


“Creatives have been chased around London, they don’t go to places because they are cool, they become cool because they go there.”  Richard Margree, CEO of Knight Dragon. Margree hopes the Design District will combat the disruptive pattern of creatives often being priced out by gentrification, helping London strengthen its position as a Global creative capital. 



The Design District, seen from North Greenwich tube. ©Knight Dragon







"An entirely new place creating itself. A whole new swathe of London that brings together culture with community with modernity.  15,000 new homes. 13,000 new jobs. 7 new neighbourhoods. All wrapped by the River Thames. Here the foundation of it all is creativity." -



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