'Conversation' by Sailors Studio

July 17, 2017



‘Conversation’ is a brilliant demonstration of photography as perhaps the ultimate tool for deep and meaningful form of expression. The photo series was born out of a creative urge to recognize the process of accepting “Other” as a crucial part of discovering oneself.


The presence of open space in the images are made to represent the world, the piece of cloth tossed represents the way communications although sometimes fleeting connects us all to one another.


‘Conversation’ depicts a journey we all go through to get closer to our personal truths through meaningful relationships. The talented duo Kim Sunkyung and Jeong Wonjun used ten different scenes to illustrate their point. Each shot is unique, calming and the beautifully lit.




Emmanuel Levinas, a French philosopher, states that Other, dissimilar and incommensurable to oneself, appears to one as a ‘visage’. Though the manifestation of Other’s visage, both natural and inevitable, could seem to one as a unilateral intrusion, it establishes a passage to transcend the outer world from the enclosed inner self as the subject that perceives and embraces the visage. One, therefore, is completed from the responsibility and understanding of Other, ultimately finding one’s true self.


The photography project ‘Conversation’ is a journey that begins from concerns of acquaintances, eventually finding oneself in the process. In the photographs, the space becomes the world where one encounter the Other, and the cloth tossed into the air becomes the medium that draws out one's relationship with Other. Other, as an unsubstantial light flashed into space, actualises when the visage materialises onto the aimlessly tossed cloth, and one’s act of capturing the moment signifies one's conversation with the Other. One finds one’s essence through Other, not just an illusion of light, but as a real existent materialised on a white cloth.






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