Science Meets Art: Regina Maria by Saddo

April 19, 2017

In the past the worlds of Science and Art could not have been more disparate. However as the we all become more open to the cross contamination of sector's and creative communication takes priority over the norms, we are seeing Science and Art overlap more now than ever.


Recently we featured a fascinating art series called 'Quantum Fluctuations' by 'Visual Alchemist' Markos Kay. He is a creative director combining scientific facts with stunning visual artistry.  In this second instalment of Science Meets Art we feature the brilliantly bright and energetic illustrations of Romanian Artist, Saddo. Her bold and playful style brings life, energy and humour to a usually very serious and sober setting. Featuring different expressions of medical and scientific processes each illustration is an eyeful of life and exuberance. 





A while ago I made a series of illustrations in collaboration with CAP, a nice small advertising agency in Bucharest, for Regina Maria, one of the biggest networks of hospitals, clinics and labs in Romania. They were launching these new hi-tech analysis labs, and they wanted to make a connection between all the meticulous scientific processes happening in their labs - and art / illustration. Also, visually, the labs being wide, hi-tech, completely white, like something from Kubrick’s Odyssey, they needed a touch of color and fun.


This is where CAP and myself came in, with a series of seven colorful illustrations depicting scientific processes and equipments, micro organisms, bacteria, and lots of fun stuff, which bring a warm human touch to the labs, also making them the most visually attractive lab in Romania.


Agency: CAP

Client: Regina Maria

Illustrator: Saddo





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