Playing Arts: A Global Collaboration Contest

March 7, 2017

Playing Arts is the global contest based in Barcelona that invites artists to reinterpret an assigned playing card in their own creative style. This naturally brings forth a stunning array of creative designs from a vast net of brilliant artists. The project was initially backed on Kickstarter and you can buy a deck online. 


One of our favourites is the work of Creative Director Emi Haze. She designed the 4 of Spades card combining deep symbolism, spirituality and tarot inspiration. "You need time and quiet to really get in touch with your soul and the universal energies around us all.I wanted to symbolize this moment of relaxing of the body and soul representing a girl immersed in a dreamy and ethereal space made of clouds and pastel colors - elements that also distinguish my personal style." - Emi Haze.





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