Sculptural Jewellery by Harrison Swaby

February 16, 2017

Harrison Swaby is the artistic mind focused on merging art and function in his contemporary jewellery designs. His approach is centred around exceptional craftsmanship and a great deal of skill. The influence of technology allows him to achieve remarkable standards in his sculptural pieces whilst expressing his lofty design ambitions. Swaby drew inspiration from geological forms and structures. Observing the various fractures and layers of hidden minerals in different rocks. His pieces are made from Aluminium Bronze.




"Inevitably I had to get to a point where I could shape metal in its fluid state. The journey into the world of casting metal illuminates the significance of this human achievement and the impact it had on our evolution. To melt metal and pour it into a mould, apart from being incredibly dangerous, is nothing short of alchemy and I'm sure our ancestors would have felt the same.

My work takes many forms and is often inspired by what’s around me. From beautiful functional design to contemporary statement pieces. I work predominantly in metal and wood. Carving, casting and shaping using traditional and modern methods, exploring and often discovering new or forgotten skills along the way. I’m a an artist that enjoys the production element and I see it as a fundamental part of the creative process."

- Harrison Swaby 




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