The Omelette Bowl by Youmeus Design

December 20, 2016

Let's face it most of us have far too little time and far too much hunger and so anything that contributes to a more convenient and seamless process is high up on the wish list. Introducing The Omelette Bowl by Youmeus Design.



We were approached by Joseph Joseph to help them extend their brand into a new category, microwave cookware. We spent a lot of time talking to customers and took a deep dive into the world of microwave cooking, combining both consumer insight with ethnographic research. The microwave has hardly changed since the 60’s but our attitudes to food, cooking and how we work and live has. Our research identified that while 80 percent of households own a microwave, they are rarely used for anything beyond reheating leftovers, cooking ready-made meals and defrosting.

Our aim was to try and change that perception with a product range that would go further and allow people to prepare meals or cook a wider range of food types using their microwave.

This omelette tool aims to deliver ultimate convenience to the preparation process with its dual-functionality. A microwavable tool that serves as both a mixing bowl and cooking vessel in a single product.

Simply crack an egg, whisk and cook.









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