Pineapples: The Future Of Fashion? 

September 6, 2016

Pinatex is the ingenious creation of Carmen Hijosa, who turns pineapple leaves into a sustainable, cheap and versatile alternative to leather and other textiles. 

Since founding Ananas Anam, Hijosa has received interest from a variety of Vegan fashion brands to high end fashion houses. They've also managed to collaborate with sportswear giant Puma

The brilliance of this manufacturing process is that there is a large amount of pineapple waste happening each year that would otherwise be burnt. This is genuine innovation and a real step towards a more sustainable fashion industry and more conscious manufacturing. 

"Piñatex is a strong, versatile, breathable, soft, light, flexible textile that can be easily printed on, stitched and cut. Piñatex is being made into footwear and fashion accessories and can be used in interiors, furnishings and the car and aeronautic industries." - Ananas Anam

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