Luxury Home Fragrance, Bath & Body Products - Lilou et Loïc

August 4, 2016

Luxury Home Fragrance, Bath & Body Products - Lilou et Loïc  
Lilou et Loïc is a luxury British lifestyle brand specialising in scented home fragrance and bath & body products, which encompasses design and culture throughout its brand philosophy, aiming to capture elegant sophistication in everyday actions.



A scent can transport us back to a long forgotten memory, evoking wistful memories and tempting us to grab our passports once more. Lilou et Loïc has not only crafted its products from a collection of cherished recollections, but aspires to create lasting memories for others too.
Lilou et Loïc has combined style with culture in its luxury collection. The products are all fragranced with scents inspired by the founders Malin Wright and Aldis Firman’s travels around the world, from New York City to the coast of the Mediterranean. They have captured the essence of excitement and wonder from their travels, and hope that their products will bring an atmosphere of exotic locations and far off lands to your living spaces.
The new Lilou et Loïc fragrance library has been developed to offer an extensive range of scents that appeal to both sexes and break down any gender barriers to fragrance.


A stylish combination of design and worldly culture, Lilou et Loïc has designed a collection of products that create a sensory experience to take you out of your everyday routine and reminisce on your own cultural experiences.


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