Richard Brendon's Reflect Collection

October 9, 2015

Upon first encountering Richard Brendon's Reflect collection, the eye is easily tricked into believing that you are looking at a matching tea cup and saucer set. Beautifully designed vintage saucers are paired with metallic tea cups that reflect the pattern of the saucer creating the illusion of a matching set. Richard collects the saucers himself from various antique dealers around Britain and then pairs them with the hand painted tea cups.




"The Reflect collection is the most difficult to produce. Each cup is skillfully hand painted with liquid gold or platinum before being fired to in excess of 800°C." 


Brendon's Reflect collection is a gorgeous representation of the creative sector's move towards combining the new and the old. This is a feature of the repurposing trend which sees us finding value in all that is old and somewhat forgotten and giving it new value and meaning.












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