‘The Brighton Mob’ Premiere

July 22, 2015

When you were a kid did you ever play cops and robbers- who was it more fun to play? 

A gritty and hard independent film written and directed by Christopher J Hearn ‘The Brighton Mob’ plunges you straight into an underworld of criminal life, exploring how the world influences a young undercover policeman, Ryan. As Ryan struggles with his past he is drawn further and further into the gang that he is supposed to be infiltrating. 



At a short 80 minutes the film’s narrative keeps the audience engrossed and harbors a genuinely innovative and surprising twist. Ray D James and Max Day shoulder the film with confidence and the rest of the characters are aptly quirky, and sufficiently unhinged to keep the audience interested in a group of essentially dislikable people. The pace is brilliantly crafted and manipulated, mixing montages with slow-paced dialogue. The tension is well-maintained, assisted by a memorable and nail-biting soundtrack which contrasts with some genuinely funny moments

The Brighton Mob was previously named ‘Once upon a crime’ and set in London. It is rather disappointing that the name change was so last minute. Perhaps if the title was ‘The Brighton Mob’ from the outset, the film might have been able to better engage with Brighton city and, in consequence, make a great individual claim in Brighton’s independent film culture. Instead, the film possesses some unengaged potential. 



Despite this, the film is compelling, gritty and highly entertaining. Obviously already popular, the film is available on Amazon, and it is currently available to buy from iTunes and DVD stores throughout the UK. 

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